image credit: andrew kauffman

We say that we are open to new ideas, but…… that’s a challenging activity for many.

I want to put my self into the perspective of a young learner for a bit. A child comes into the world with an incredible perspective, always being willing to explore and find out new information. When the child gains a few years, the exploring becomes different and helps them to build a vast wealth of knowledge and vocabulary.

Are we truly open to new ideas and ways of learning like a young child is? I need to ask myself this question multiple times throughout the school year to make sure I’m centered in not what we always have done, but what we could do.

My word for this year is exploration…..

image credit: andrew kauffman

I want to continue to explore like a young child, to continue to look for new ways to create learning, to grasp different perspectives all to help me gain more knowledge.

One way that I want to continue to explore is through Flipgrid. This amazing platform as an untapped potential that can change the way we do learning. As we explore with our young learners this needs to be utilized. One way that this could change learning opportunities is to utilize Flipgrid within your local community. We know that students dive into deeper learning through problems. What better way than to curate questions and problems from community members along with utilizing their voices to respond to our students.

We need to listen to new ideas and to think about how it might work compared to saying it can’t work. We need to be open to new thoughts and listening to all voices.

The voice of a child will change the world and those voices will lead the future. How might we create a culture where we are open to thoughts that are different than ours? How might we all capitalize on new ideas that might challenge our thinking?

Build a culture where openness is the foundation and the learning that occurs will be full of powerful opportunities.


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