The beginning……


Something that helps us to tell a story

A way to get creative and explore something new.

Growing up can take this opportunity away, but that’s where the beginning happens.

Think about all the opportunities that are right at our fingertips, the chance to create something new, to imagine the impossible, to invent something that will help solve a problem. The beginning is how we start opening up our minds to what we might think is the impossible.

As we grow and learn, imagination is pushed to the side when it doesn’t meet the needs of the required standard or curriculum. We must push for those opportunities to be installed within our curriculum, not just added as a fun item to do on a Friday.

We must push for those imaginative opportunities to be installed within our curriculum.

My challenge is to begin with your students, showing them your imagination and asking them to share with all learners what their ideas might be. Students are afraid to share their ideas for fear of judgement. Begin to offer the chance for students to showcase their imagination towards solving a community based problem.

Imagination can come at the beginning of the day with a drawing start where students respond to a word or phrase. It could come with a classroom problem bank where students pull a problem card out and paper prototype a solution. There are many other places to put imagination into your day, but we have to start at the beginning.

Share your imagination with your students and they will see that they can begin to share with you. We all need a beginning, start sharing your imagination now.

At the beginning of this short film you see a young boy, excited to explore with his imagination. Walking down the street with his space helmet on, his imagination runs wild. Take a look at the video and see where his imagination takes him.

What’s your dream?

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  1. Lori says:

    Great post. Great video. I teach first grade and have the pleasure of seeing imagination daily in my room! How do we as educators keep that spark going past the primary years?

    1. andrewtk10 says:

      I believe the best way to keep the spark going is to continue to help learners be curious and explore new ideas. The imagination is a wonderful thing, but it’s only as good as your own curiosity. I would venture a guess that curious people have good imaginations. Thanks for reading.

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