Ideas Floating Around

pablo (16).pngI sit in the twilight of morning wondering what kind of ideas might be heard today. As dark as our world is at times, I know there are ideas floating around in the minds of our students, just waiting to see the sunshine. How will those ideas come to see the light of day when our schools and teachers have so much to do? What will we do today to help foster a culture of idea sharing in our classrooms?

My son comes home every day from school with an idea that he wants to talk about. He loves to figure out how things work and how he could build it. What kind of learner would he be if we showed no interest in his ideas? My goal every day is to show as much interest in my son’s ideas as those ideas that my students have each day. Keep offering worksheets opportunities to ask questions, create, and share. Think of all the opportunities wasted if we just keep going, instead I encourage you to slow down tomorrow morning, ask your students to join in an idea fair. Share your ideas with them, so that they see how open and accepting you are.

This is innovation at it’s best, sharing ideas, using design, and making the world a better place. Open our minds to what our students bring to the table. Accept those ideas and ask questions to show you truly care. Don’t just keep moving forward, but slow down and take time to empower students to share all their amazing ideas.

Check out this book on wondering and think how this might bring more ideas to the table.


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