Caring and Sharing

Why should our students care about their own learning?

How can we facilitate learning that is embraced by all students?

When will our students begin to look at their learning as their own and not teacher directed?

Who directs learning each day?

What kind of classroom environment do students need that creates a culture of acceptance allowing for all to share?

Education is the foundation of our society and the way to create a successful culture is to create questioners.

“You can’t make me care.” can change to “What would happen if…?”

Calvin states that his teacher can’t make him care and he is right. What his teacher can do is help Calvin find an interest/passion in asking questions.

We believe that what we teach is important. Delivering content to our students is helping them become successful…… it though?

Education is the foundation of our society and the way to create a successful culture is to create questioners.

I start my mornings off with a code that students have to crack to answer a question. The interesting part about this code is I post it outside the door to the classroom so other students walking past can solve it. I don’t make them care, all I do is ask a question like, “Can you solve it?”

That one question hooks them in and allows them to talk to their peers and ask questions. How do I know they care? They continually work through the problem, not because I make them, but because they are curious.

The inherent process of asking a question brings about curiosity and that is how we help students to care!

Not only do we need time to share our learning during the day, but I want students to bring their questions they find at home. One student brought a Pokemon card in to class and had it out to show to a neighbor. Most people react with a, “Give that to me!” comment. I asked him to find the perimeter of the card and what happened? He found the perimeter, but now knows I’m interested in his Pokemon cards. He wants to share and that’s the most important part of facilitating as a teacher. Empowering students to care about their learning and to share it!


Feel free to solve this code (hint: pigpen) and see how you can empower students to care right away in the morning.


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  1. Wilmer says:

    What kinds of questions will you ask today?

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