Holding Hands, Questioning Together

How often do we stop and look at our students for who they are? Really each one of these students, no matter the age, is a child looking for something amazing. Our students want to be amazed, they want to have choices, they want to be cared for.

When we hold hands with our own children (love the small hands of a toddler) there is a connection that bridges the divide of generations. I enjoy holding the hand of my 9 year old son, my almost 3 year old daughter, and my almost 1 year old daughter. Those moments are precious and I would never turn that moment down.

We need to capture those same moments in the classroom. I can’t hold the hands of my students, but what I can do is show them that I care about them through my actions. I can greet them in the morning, give them a fist bump, but more importantly, engage them in a conversation. Why would a student want to come to our classroom? Is it because they feel a part of a classroom culture? I would hope so since that culture will help open their eyes to the world.

If we think of eyes as an acronym for something bigger, I think education can start to change. There’s a tidal wave of understanding beginning to crest and soon that wave will sweep up our classrooms. If we keep our eyes open to the world, we will see wonderful change occur. So what is eyes? Here’s my thought:

E veryone creates something each day (empower)

Y earning to find new information (curiosity)

E xcitement of sharing (voice)

S mile and enjoy each other (empathy)


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