Unlocking Potential

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We have to unlock the potential of all of our students, not just the ones that speak up all the time or the ones that raise their hands.

How can we provide chances to make a student’s voice be heard?

Unlock their potential on the first day of school by providing opportunities to them to share their voice. No matter the age, a person wants their voice to be heard. The first weeks of school can make or break those voices.

How can we provide chances to make a student’s voice be heard? Why do so many students feel their voices aren’t heard? It all comes down to the keys. Which key will unlock the voice of your students?


Provide opportunities to share interests and goals

Observe how students interact and encourage communication

Thank them for their ideas and use them in class

Explain that all students have ideas and it’s safe to dream big

No voice goes unheard during the day, meet students where they are at

Together students can find shared interests

I becomes we when students can choose to share their learning

Ability levels can create barriers in classrooms, create student led groups

Love the excitement, Embrace the messy, Change the world


What kind of potential will you help students to unlock this year? Will the potential be unlocked through a worksheet? I think not. Why do we offer students a worksheet and say now you can work in partners, when there is no real meaning to that piece of paper. Why not give students the option to create an artifact that can show their potential. I’m positive that no adult would ever say they enjoy filling out pieces of paper for someone else……why do we do that to our students?

Create a place where students embrace a challenge, where they explore with the understanding that together they can DREAM BIG.

The first few days/weeks of school make or break a student’s potential. How will you help to create a culture of respect and collaboration with your students?


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