Empower and Listen

Think of the opportunities that we miss each day when all we do is talk…..

Think about all the rocks we leave unturned when we don’t listen…….

Think about all the excitement students have about learning…….

Think about the driving force behind learning……..

I believe that we are teachers because we want to create a future that is better than the one we are currently in. We need to take those chances, those rocks, and turn them over to see what lies underneath. Asking our students what their interests are, what gets them excited, and just listening to them can help make the future better.

Empower students to share their learning, let their voices bloom, and see their minds begin to shine.


Our goal as educators needs to be the chance that we collaborate with students. We need to listen to them, to provoke a conversation that makes all students feel welcome at the table. We can do this by providing opportunities for students to blossom. Spring has hit northern Indiana and flowers are popping up all over the place. My daughter loves seeing the flowers, even saying goodnight to the tulip that is about ready to bloom. That doesn’t happen if we don’t stop and listen to her. The curiosity she has is what learning is all about. Drive that change by listening to our students and stop talking.

These flowers bloom because of the right environment. Students’ minds will bloom if we provide that rich environment.



Flowers grow because they have received the necessary nutrients throughout the fall, winter, and now spring. The questions and wonders that students have in our schools can help students to grow and bloom as individuals. Provide those outlets each day, not just as a special day, but every single day of the school year. Empower students to share their learning, let their voices bloom, and see their minds begin to shine.




Think about the excitement students have each day………………..

Think about the opportunities students have when we listen to them…………….

Think how school looks when teachers begin to let go of control and empower students……….

Change how we do school…. Create opportunities to collaborate and listen………..

Build up students questions, their wonders, their creativity by listening………

Watch how your culture shifts and see the joy in learning.


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