Time to Make

After reading a post concerning the newest book by George Couros and AJ Julian’s post on making something new each day, I took the plunge and will hopefully be reflecting once a week to share some wonderings that I have about learning.  Each post will be centered around learning in some way and will show a bit into my world of learning. Thanks for taking the chance to read what I have to say and for learning along with me.

Time to make is very minimal in many teacher’s eyes, but in reality it is something that happens each day and could create a powerful climate for all learners.  When you think about making, many teachers shy away from that because of the lack of control that comes with that. We never really know what will come from making with students.  I’ve learned that making is at the front of learning, without it we are nothing but consumers of information.  Now that is not to say that we shouldn’t consume, but we need to make to embed knowledge into our brains.

What are the possibilities for your students?  How about you as a learner?



I remember the first time I learned to crochet back in the later 1980’s in 1st grade.  A teacher took the chance to show all of her students the possibilities of crocheting, I didn’t see the benefit then, but I do now.  I picked up crocheting again about 10 years ago and the tactile feeling of yarn being made into something is wonderful.  Watching those creations come to life is even better.  We negate the positive qualities that making brings in today’s culture.  “We don’t have time to make” is what I hear when I encourage others to try it.  I politely listen and say to myself, “Are you kidding, that’s the best way for students to show their understanding.”  We need to encourage others to make, not just with students, but on their own.  Creation is at the forefront of joy, and passion comes from watching those items be created.


How can we be creators when we feel we don’t have enough time?  The opportunity to learn is astronomical in today’s youtube culture where we can learn anything.  Need to fix a washing machine?  How about fixing a drone, creating a music video, producing your own green screen movie short?  Take the plunge, think about the benefits, not the negatives.  Once you start you won’t want to go back to the days where learning was just consuming.  Your mind will thank you and more importantly we will be helping to change the future, one student creation at a time.



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